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Welcome to! We are a leading manufacturer and distributor of high-quality tile backer boards, steel galvanised washers, and accessories. With a wide range of products available, we are committed to providing our customers with the best solutions for their tiling projects.

At, we specialise in 6mm, 10mm, and 12mm tile backer rigid cement boards. These boards are specifically designed to provide a stable and durable surface for tiling applications. Whether you are working on a bathroom renovation, kitchen remodel, or any other tiling project, our tile backer boards are the perfect choice.

In addition to our tile backer boards, we also offer 36mm steel galvanised washers. These washers are essential for securing the backer boards in place, ensuring a long-lasting and secure installation. We understand the importance of using high-quality materials in tiling projects, which is why we only provide products that meet the highest industry standards.

One of our key strengths is our commitment to customer satisfaction. We understand that time is crucial in any construction or renovation project, which is why we are proud to offer next-day delivery across the UK. Our extensive stock allows us to fulfill orders promptly, ensuring that our customers receive their products when they need them.

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Tile Backer Board

Waterproof Rigid Insulated Cement Board

  • [TILE BACKER BOARDS FOR WALL & FLOOR 6MM / 10MM / 12MM] Tile backer wall & floor boards are suitable for a range of applications such as tiling bathroom, kitchen, ensuite etc. - we recommend 6mm/10mm for flooring and 10mm/12mm for walls due to increased strength properties, even with large 1m x 1m tiles 12mm thick - Maximum Tile Loading Weight: 62kg/m2 (CERAM121107)

[INSULATED XPS FOAM CORE & WATERPROOF] Hard backer board has great insulation properties to keep your tiles warm to touch as well as ideal for under floor heating application ensuring heat is retain within the room and thus making installations more energy efficient - U value as low as W/m2 on 12mm tile boards

[EASY TO INSTALL SIZE ESPECIALLY IN SMALL BATHROOMS & EN-SUITES - 600MM X 1200MM] Tile backer comes in a convenient size for transporting up stairs and into narrow spaces such as bathrooms and ensuite rooms as well as suiting a range of stud centres such as 300mm, 400mm and 600mm without cuts

[CUTS WITH A STANLEY KNIFE] Tile backer boards cut with a sharp stanley knife & straight edge, saving time and money on expensive power tools as well as capable of cutting various shapes and sizes by hand such as cutting around pipes, furniture and appliances etc. & no pre-drilling required simply drill through with wood screws using 36mm steel washers (sold separately- recommended 15 washers per board sold separately as optional extra- screws not included, washer hole size is 5mm - recommend 3.5mm-4.5mm screws)

[FIBRE CEMENT BOARD FACE GIVING TILES BETTER ADHESIVE OVER TIMBER & PLASTERBOARD] Rigid cement board face gives great adhesive properties for tile adhesives over timber sheet and plasterboard, ensuring solid permanent adhesion reducing grout cracking by reducing excessive flex or movement. Whatsmore faced on both sides so can use adhesive to t supplied / sold separately) 

36mm Steel Galvanised Washer Discs

Bulk buy packs of 10,000

  • - Tile Backer Boards, cement board, hardie backer board washers, XPS Insulation Boards, and other insulations Foam to Wooden Floors or Stud Walls - manufacturers recommend 15 fixings per 600mm x 1200mm board ie. 1 bag of 100 washers will fix approx 6 board
    - Lightweight & Strong 36mm Galvanised Steel Washer for Tile Backer Boards - protects from corrosion and minimise any chance of degradation over time
    - Counter sunk to allow the screw head to pull into the board but the outer rim of the disc to remain flush with the board surface
    - Perforated surface to maintain maximum board surface exposure to the adhesive or plasters, by perforating the fixing disk this allows the adhesive or plaster to adhere to the board surface through the washer-avoiding cracking, chipping etc.

Tile Decoupling Mat/Membrane

5-30sqm Rolls

[PREVENT MOVEMENT UNCOUPLING OF TILES / CRACK SURPRESSION FROM MOVEMENT]  Anti-crack matting suppresses any movement and/or cracks in the substrate, in particular heated screeds and timber (OSB/plywood/floorboards) which are often subject to lateral movement's thus isolating the 2 layers allowing them to move independently thus preventing the transmission of lateral stresses to the floor often seen with cracks in tiles, grout or unbonding of the entire tile

[EVEN HEAT DISTRIBUTION] No more hot/cold spots with under floor heating, the 3.6mm membrane guarantees guarantees even heat even distributed by the membranes channels when used in combination with wet / electrical underfloor heating systems avoiding the need to raise the sub-floor

[WATERPROOFING IDEAL FOR WETROOMS, BATHROOMS & KITCHENS] Reliable waterproof matting made of polyethylene composite, protecting both the substrate / base from the infiltration of water (ie, timber floors) - no more stains and wet spots on ceilings from failed tiles, as well as further improving the durability 

[VAPOUR CONTROL - FREE AIRLFLOW] Double layered membrane both top and bottom contains air channels for airfree circulation, thus allowing the surface to breath & allows moisture in the underlying layers to be released which wouldotherwise cause damage to the tile layer above, thus making the rapid mat suitable for damp environments and early stage concrete

[SUPPORT / LOAD DISTRIBUTION] Practically incompressible and thus able to support and distribute heavy loads while maintaining tile surface integrity

[EASY TO INSTALL & ENHANCED TILE ADHESION] 1m Wide rolls of 5m/30m making it easy to carry, store & transport, cuts with a simple utility knife / scissors and simply   butt the edges of the matt together in rows without the need for extra joining tape, the uncoupling mats highly engineered design made up of a mortise and tenon embossed pattern creates and even and durable mechanical bond betweenceramics or tiles and the membrane